Architectural Studio Georgiev was founded in 1992. From arch. Krasimir Georgiev – senior, after many years of work in the municipal administration, as a chief architect, in his desire to offer design services in the sphere of urban planning, residential, public and industrial buildings. It started with the first private investment initiatives in the country – from single and multifamily residential buildings, public and commercial sites, to holiday homes and residences, bank offices, production and urban development projects.

In our personal attitude towards each client, with an understanding of the specifics of the individual cases and in our desire to be an active part in the realization of our projects, the studio solves various problems arising during the stages of the investment process

By creating personal approach with our own holistic way of design, we have been able to expand our activities to a wide range of objects, their original strategy, vision, function and interior design, taking into account the natural, cultural and historical environment.

Our team combines craft traditions in design with new technologies that enable a creative approach with scientific precision, from strategic research to materialization, oversight of production processes and cost estimation.